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Mrs. Meredith Essalat

Meredith Essalat has spent over 17 years in academia. Before arriving to Mission Dolores Academy in 2016 as Principal, she was both the Dean of Middle School Curriculum & High School Preparation and Eighth Grade Teacher at Nativity School in Menlo Park. Meredith possesses a BA in Mass Communication from Menlo College, a California-Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Notre Dame de Namur University, an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, both from the American College of Education. A native to the San Francisco Bay Area, she began her career in collegiate Student Activities before moving into both elementary and secondary academic communities in the areas of fundraising, development, and alumni relations.  Meredith is an advocate for all students, believing that each individual is in possession of strength of character, boundless talent, and expansive intellect.  Some of Meredith’s favorite things are: her husband, ice cream, Christmas lights, pizza, and New York City. 


2021-2022 Staffulty Directory

Position Ext. Staffulty Member(s)
Kindergarten 100 Talia Arnon; Jackeline Herrera-Merlos
First Grade 101 Olivia Perrigo; John Petrinovich
Second Grade 102 Natalie Broome; Lenna Chatterjee
Third Grade 103 Maureen McConnell; Christina Fortenberry
Fourth Grade 104 Dana Berk
Fifth Grade 105 Manny Tonna
Sixth Grade 106 Julian Thomas
Seventh Grade 107 Jason Tong
Eighth Grade 108 Kelsey Blow
P.E./Athletic Director 119 Steven Ta
Art 120 Debbie Ray
Reading Specialist 124 Elizabeth Faherty
Math Specialist 124 Christina Lancaster
Latin 100 Caitlin Halasz
Chief Academic Officer 122 Kathryn Wilchynski
Head of School 116 Meredith Essalat
Chaplain 123 Father Charlie Gagan
Business Manager 109 Ivana Iacolino
Admissions Director/High School Placements Coordinator 110 Francisco Luna
Development Associate 113 Jana Viets
Development Director 112 Fran van Bergen
Director of Student Services 111 Mike Ward
Director of Religious Ed. 117 Sister Ann Providence, O.P.
Religious Ed./Liturgy 117 Sister Annette Shaeffer
High School Advisor/Parent Coordinator 114 Margaret Walden