Overview | Mission Dolores Academy

Mission Dolores Academy relies on the generous support of the community to fund our academic programs, provide generous scholarships and maintain our school campus. Our tuition level is one of the lowest in the Bay Area, and does not cover the full cost of educating a student. On average it costs nearly $10,000 a year for us to educate a student, our tuition is $5,000 a year for one student, and the average per-student tuition that our parents can afford is just under $2,000 a year.

We look to our friends and supporters to help us fill this gap. Fundraising is essential for us to be able to continuously provide an excellent education and a safe environment for our students.

What does your gift mean to a student?

Your gift is the promise of a brighter future for our students. 83% of our graduates are currently attending private or charter schools; many of our graduates will be the first in their family to graduate from college, breaking the cycle of poverty for generations.

Every dollar raised is important to the school. Here’s how your gift could help:

$100 - buys a school uniform for a student

$300 - pays for a student’s breakfast for a year

$500 - pays for a student’s lunch for a year

$1,000 - pays for one student’s after school care for a year

$5,000 - sends a student to school for a year

$10,000 - Pays for a school counselor for a year