Overview | Mission Dolores Academy

Our goal at Mission Dolores Academy is to help underserved K-8 youth realize their potential. 

To accomplish this, we rely on community support to help fund the gap between what it costs to educate our students each year (approximately $10,000/student) and what our families are able to afford (less than $2,000/student). We diligently monitor our expenses, and deliver a world-class private education at nearly 30% less cost than public schools.

Your investment in Mission Dolores Academy is a sound one.  Our dynamic program – Blended Learning instruction, STEAM program, summer school, counseling services, nutrition program, Art and Music, CYO team sports, and more – has resulted in academic achievement and high school admissions that are well above average.


                                Percentile Growth                                             High School Placements

                 Reading                                     Math                                            

        2015           2016                        2015         2016                      

        +11             +12                          +11           +10


As measured by Northwest Evaluation Association

standardized tests.  Average academic progress  

equals 0 percentile growth.


What does your gift mean to a student?

Your gift is the promise of a brighter future for our students.  Many will be the first in their family to graduate from college, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty and changing lives for generations to come.

Every dollar raised is important to the school. Here’s how your gift could help:

$100 - buys a school uniform for a student

$300 - pays for a student’s breakfast for a year

$500 - pays for a student’s lunch for a year

$1,000 - pays for one student’s after school care for a year

$5,000 - sends a student to school for a year

$10,000 - pays for a school counselor for a year


Make a gift

Give securely online here or learn about other ways to give, including check, donated stock, in-kind donations, and more.