Curricular Enhancements | Mission Dolores Academy

Mission Dolores Academy prides itself on the richness of its curricula, offering a plethora of opportunities by which students have the chance to develop their minds, hearts, and bodies.  We are grateful for partnerships which extend beyond the classroom to engage our scholars in activities that promote mindfulness, body positivity, and stewardship of the planet.

CUESA Foodwise Kids

Mission Dolores Academy is proud to be the pilot school for an expansion of CUESA’s (Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture) Foodwise Kids’ platform, providing students in Grades One and Four with the opportunity to not only experience, firsthand, the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market in both the Fall and Spring seasons, but to also have hands-on cooking classes here on-campus, both with their classmates and their families.  Students are educated about everything from how produce is grown and distributed at the Farmer’s Market to how to properly chop kale for a healthy salad.  For more information on this program, please visit their website:



​Mission Dolores Academy has recently partnered with the Movemeant Foundation to work with our Seventh Grade girls, implementing their curriculum focused on health, wellness, and body positivity.  Students meet with their mentor twice a week to learn the art of hip-hop dance, practice teamwork, and embrace mindfulness.  For more information on this program, please visit their website:



The Human Rights Commission of San Francisco has partnered with Mission Dolores Academy to sustain a vibrant and inclusive community of respect, love, empathy, and compassion.  Students and Staffulty alike have worked under the leadership of the HRC to develop a platform for expanding our community’s capacity for being the change that we wish to see in the world. A Student Relations Council has been formed in order to enable students in Grades Six through Eight to assume leadership positions on campus, helping to enable inclusion amongst all of their fellow classmates, Kindergarten though Middle School.  For more information on this organization, please visit their website:



The Fifth Grade class has the unique opportunity to cultivate MDA’s recently erected planting boxes.  Every Friday, students learn all about horticulture as they prepare the soil, select seeds, and work to create a burgeoning vegetable garden.  For more information on this program, please visit their Facebook page: