All children are expected to participate in all classes and activities during school hours. Exceptions may be approved by the principal for reasons of health or special cases.  Lesson plans are standardized to ensure that California Standards are taught.

Kindergarten meets five days a week. The kindergarten seeks to achieve the following four ends: individuality, socialization, self-discipline, learning skills.

Grades K – 4 are self-contained with freedom to place a child for instruction in the grade that  best suits his/her needs.

Grades 5-8 are departmentalized according to subject areas.

Required K-8 curriculum includes:

  • Religion *
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts: Reading – Writing – Spelling – Phonics – Vocabulary
  • Social Studies and California History
  • Science
  • Physical Education, including Health and Safety
  • Spanish
  • Music

* All students (Catholic and non-Catholic) take Religion class and participate in school religious services. Sacramental programs are optional.

Grading System

The following grading system will be used in grades 4 –8 for all areas with the exception of physical education, art, music, conduct, home study, and effort, which are marked 1 (Excellent), 2 (Satisfactory), 3 (Needs improvement ), 4 (Unsatisfactory).

Percentage: Grade Equivalent: GPA:
95-100% A 4.0
90-95% A- 3.7
86-89% B+ 3.3
84-85% B 3.0
80-83% B- 2.7
77-79% C+ 2.3
74-76% C 2.0
70-73% C-
67-69% D+
64-66% D
60-63% D-
59 or lower F

All subjects qualify for honor roll except handwriting, music, art, and P.E. Responsible and Honor Roll students must have at least “2” or satisfactory in effort, conduct, and home study.


MDA teachers are required to give homework to students. Parents are asked to provide a time and a quiet place for students to complete their work. Homework is given for the following purposes:

  • to reinforce concepts and skills that have been presented in class
  • to develop and foster the student’s creativity and discipline through enrichment projects or research
  • to train the student to work independently and to accept responsibility for completing a task

Weekend homework may be given to students. Long-term projects for older students may require weekend work at home and/or at the library.

Students are expected to make up work missed while absent. Parents should call the school office early in the day and ask that homework be left in the office. Parents or siblings must pick up daily homework when a student is absent. This also applies to the last day of school before a break period. All students are responsible for work even if they are absent.

The average amount of time a child should spend on homework is:

  • Grade K: Parents are encouraged to read to their child each night, Homework will be assigned as needed
  • Grade 1 and 2: 20 minutes per night
  • Grade 3 and 4: 30-45 minutes per night
  • Grade 5 and 6: 45-60 minutes per night
  • Grade 7 and 8: 60-90 minutes per night