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Student of the Month - October

November 8, 2018

October's Students of the Month are here!

These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten - Ma’liyah​

Kindergarten has chosen Ma’liyah as their Student of the Month.  Ma’liyah is a child that is always willing to share her thoughts socially and academically.  This past month Ma’liyah has been very empathetic to friends in her class that need an extra hug or encouragement. Thank you Ma’liyah for being kind and amazing!


First Grade - Mimi

The first grade student for the month of October is Mimi.  Mimi has worked hard over the last few weeks especially on her reading and writing.  She has been a good classmate, friend and helper. We are proud of all of the good choices and hard work that she has accomplished this month! Great job Mimi!


Second Grade - Adam

Second Grade student of the month for the month of October is Adam! Adam comes to school every day ready to learn. He has a great attitude and always works hard. It is great to see his enthusiasm for learning and how nice he is to all of his fellow classmates. We are so happy to have Adam in second grade!


Third Grade - Mia

Mia is Third Grade's Student of the Month for October. We love having Mia in Third Grade because she is a model of good behavior for others. She always does her best, both in class and when playing with her friends. We are so lucky to have her. Meow, Mia!


Fourth Grade - Christopher

Fourth Grade's Student of the Month for the month of October is Christopher! He is a hard working, organized, and enthusiastic student who always puts his best effort into everything he does. He is incredibly kind and helpful to both his classmates and teachers. Christopher is also a great listener and consistently follows directions without having to be asked twice. He shows up to school every day with a positive attitude and an excitement for learning, which makes him a pleasure to have in our class. Keep being awesome, Christopher!


Fifth Grade - Brooke

Brooke is Fifth Grade's student of the month for October! Brooke is an excellent student who always works hard and tries her best.  She always rises to any challenge given to her. She is helpful, insightful, kind, and a great role model to the younger students in the school.  


Sixth Grade - Brayan

Brayan had an amazing first quarter of Sixth Grade! His effort is off the chart; his work always reflects his best efforts, and he is eager to participate in all discussions with a positive attitude. Bryan brings such energy and perseverance to all that he does.  He gets along with his peers and is always respectful. We look forward to an amazing year with Bryan and are eager to see all that he will achieve.


Seventh Grade - Amara

Amara is motivated to achieve, and she has worked hard to maintain her grades whilst having an outstanding attitude. She is focused in class, active in discussion and determined to be her best. Amara is conscientious in her studies and self motivated.  We are looking forward to a spectacular year with Amara!


Eighth Grade - Kate

Kate is an absolute joy to have in class! She had an amazing first quarter of eighth grade: showing an incredible amount of focus and determination.  She is kind and respectful to everyone she encounters, and always has a smile on her face. Kate’s voice is constantly heard in all discussions, and she is not afraid to ask questions.  As a member of MDA’s Student Council, she has taken her role as a leader of our school very seriously and is doing an awesome job.


Art - Marcella

Marcella always shows great creativity and follows direction perfectly in Art class. She works well with others and is a great example. Marcella always has a positive attitude and is helpful with her peers. Amazing job Marcella!!


P.E. - Darrin

.E. student of the month of October is Darrin. He is always an active listener, he follows all direction and does everything correctly when it comes to activity. He always has a smile on his face and is full of energy when he comes to P.E. class! He is such a great role model in class and always shows respect to his teachers and his classmates! Way to go Darrin!


Latin - Jamila

Jamila always has a positive attitude whenever I come into class. It is always great to see her actively participating in all our lessons and really retaining everything she is learning in Latin. Her positive behavior and hunger for learning are wonderful attributes as a student.




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