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Student of the Month - November

November 8, 2018

November's Students of the Month are here!

These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten - Chris

Kindergarten has chosen Chris as their Student of the Month.  Chris has shown extreme self-control in the classroom and while playing with his friends.  He is always willing to help his classmates if they need a friend and he is always helping his teachers clean up.  Chris always reminds the class about choosing peaceful solutions. Thanks for your hard work, Chris!


First Grade - Janessa​

First Grade's student of the month is Janessa! Janessa is always showing up to class with a smile on her face and is always such a good classmate to her peers! We are so glad to have her in first grade!


Second Grade - Angelica

Angelica has worked hard every day since the start of the school year. She comes to school prepared every day and has a smile on her face. Angelica is a great friend to everyone. We love having Angelica in second grade!


Third Grade - Natalie

Natalie is the Third Grade Student of the Month for November. She comes to school with a smile, ready to try her best. Natalie participates in class and quickly follows directions. She is a model of great behavior for her classmates. We are so lucky to have such a fun, happy, interesting student in Third Grade. Stay awesome, Natalie!


Fourth Grade - Allan

Allan is a very hard working, responsible, and motivated student who puts his full effort into everything he does! Allan is a leader in our classroom and a great role model for his peers. He is incredibly helpful and treats everyone with kindness and respect. Way to go, Allan!


Fifth Grade - Therese

Therese is a very hard working, responsible, and a motivated student who puts her full effort into everything she does! She is incredibly helpful and treats everyone with kindness and respect. Therese is always a joy to have in class! Way to go Therese!


Sixth Grade - Maxwell

Maxwell is always seeking out ways to improve. He has a visible determination that he brings to all that he does. He never settles for anything but his best, and he is always looking to learn and to grow in his studies. We have been very impressed by him, and we look forward to seeing all that he will achieve moving forward!

Seventh Grade - Elim​

Elim is a focused and determined Seventh Grader! Elim completes all her work to the best of her ability and is not afraid to ask questions when she needs clarification or support. Elim courageously advocates for herself at all times.  It is obvious that she values and understands the importance of her education. We look forward to seeing her continue to strive to be her best! Way to go Elim! Keep up the good work!


Eighth Grade - Mary Angela

Mary Angela is an absolute joy to have in the eighth grade and a wonderful model for the MDA community.  She shows incredible maturity, determination, and focus in all that she does. Mary is very serious about her education which shows in all her work.  We are lucky to have Mary as our student body president, she is always leading the MDA community with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Keep up the wonderful work!


P.E. - Alexandra

November’s student of the month for P.E. is Alex! Alex always shows up to P.E. ready to participate and to have fun in P.E! Alex is always full of energy and such a delight to have in P.E. Way to go Alex!


Latin - Aliya​

The November student of the month for November is Aliya! Aliya is always trying her hardest in Latin. She asks questions when she needs clarification on something, always ready to learn, and is creative. She knows how to use her time wisely and is really thriving!!!  

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