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March Students of the Month

March 29, 2018

March Students of the Month are here! These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten Student of the Month



Kindergarten has selected Aaliyah as their Student of the Month.  Aaliyah works very hard in all of her tasks.  She enjoys school, making friends and reading.  Aaliyah is also a great problem solver within a group setting and can be very resilient around others not making good choices.  Super Job Aaliyah!


First Grade Student of the Month



Zak has been a leader in our class since the beginning of the year. He works hard and challenges himself daily to do his best. He is an eager participant in classroom discussions and asks great guiding questions! 


Second Grade Student of the Month



 Second grade Student of the Month is Amhaya. Amhaya has worked very hard this past month in second grade. She has shown so much confidence in her work, especially in math class. Amhaya is also friendly and nice to other students in class. She is always ready to learn. We love having Amhaya in second grade! 


Third Grade Student of the Month



A.J. is Third Grade's Student of the Month for March. He consistently tries his hardest, even when something is difficult. He shows kindness to everyone he meets and tries to bring a smile to all of his classmates, often with a song. A.J. is awesome at following directions and is a model student. Great work, A.J.!


Fourth Grade Student of the Month 



Fourth Grade's Student of the Month is Diego. He has grown throughout the year in many different areas, and we are so proud of what he has achieved! He is a responsible, organized, and motivated student who always works hard at reaching his goals. Diego is also a great friend to his classmates and demonstrates kindness and respect towards his peers and teachers. Way to go, Diego!


Fifth Grade Student of the Month



Nebai has greatly improved over the year. He works hard and accepts any challenges given to him in class. He is kind and able to work with anybody in the class. He has a great personality and really deserves to be fifth grade’s student of the month! 


Sixth Grade Student of the Month 



This month the sixth grade has chosen to honor Julia as our student of the month. Julia comes to school each and everyday with the brightest smile you have ever seen. She spreads her positive energy everywhere she goes. One can't help but feel happy in her presence. On top of that, she is an incredibly dedicated and hardworking student. Her commitment to academic excellence combined with her jubilant spirit are why we have chosen to celebrate the awesomeness that is Julia! 


Seventh Grade Student of the Month



 Madeline is a joy to have in the Seventh Grade classroom. She is kind to everyone she encounters and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Madeline is diligent in all her studies, earning grades that reflect her best efforts. We are very proud of all of Madeline’s accomplishments and are excited for all that lies ahead for her!


Eighth Grade Student of the Month



Christian is an amazing student and person who always pushes himself to be his absolute best. He offers phenomenal insight into all discussions and possesses a unique perspective in all that he does. Christian always gives 110% whether it is in, building a roller coaster, tutoring peers after school or creating a political collage, the list is endless.  We are incredibly proud of Christian’s decision to attend University High School; they are lucky to have him as a student.


P.E. Student of the Month



Natalie is caring, positive, and helpful in PE class. She comes to the class each day with a smile, and a ready to work hard attitude. She gets along with every student in her grade, and everyone loves her as friend. She is always behaving well, and she sets a good example for other students. It is wonderful to have Natalie in PE class, and we always look forward to seeing her. 


Art Student of the Month



Julissa is a fantastic artist! She has been a great addition to the second grade class and I am excited to see her in the art room every time she comes to class. Not only is she a great art student but also a very supportive classmate who doesn't hesitate to help her friends or advocate for them. 

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