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February Students of the Month

March 2, 2018

February Students of the Month are here! These students displayed exceptional academic success, citizenship, and participation in the classroom.  We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten Student of the Month 


Kindergarten has selected Eliah as their Student of the Month.  Eliah is always following the rules of the classroom and is willing to calmly help any friend out.  He has risen to the challenge, accepting extra projects and even teaches the class about new things he is reading.  Eliah has also shown a lot of growth and bravery in being more independent while at school.  Fantastic work Eliah!


First Grade Student of the Month


Ashley has worked hard since the beginning of the year and is sure to always do her best. She has reached all of her goals across reading, writing and math and is always striving to be better. Ashley is also a good friend to others in class and is sure to include everyone in play.  Well done Ashley!


Second Grade Student of the Month 


Second grade Student of the Month is Deja. Deja always comes to school ready to learn. She shows strengths in all areas, but especially in writing and reading. Deja loves to talk about the big chapter books she is reading! Deja works hard and helps out her fellow classmates. We love having Deja in second grade. 


Third Grade Student of the Month 


Leonardo is third grade's student of the month for February. Leo is always one of the first students to listen and follow directions. He shows up every day ready to learn and is extremely respectful to his classmates and teachers. Leo constantly offers to help others and is one of the kindest students we know. Keep up the great work, Leonardo! 


Fourth Grade Student of the Month 


Fourth Grade's Student of the Month is Gaby. She is a hard working, organized, and enthusiastic student who strives for academic success in all subjects. She is always one of the first to offer to help out her classmates and teachers, which everyone appreciates. Gaby shows up to school every day with a positive attitude and an excitement for learning that makes her an excellent member of our class. Keep up the great work, Gaby!


Fifth Grade Student of the Month 


The fifth grade student of the month is Mikel.  Mikel is constantly challenging himself to go above and beyond what we are doing in the class.  Whatever challenge his teachers throw at him, he accepts and completes. His interests include astrophysics, math, literature, and adding humor to the fifth grade classroom.  He's been pretty impressive with his joke writing and pun making.  If you see him around make sure you ask him for a joke!


Sixth Grade Student of the Month 


This month, sixth grade is honoring Vince. Vince is a friend to all, the ultimate yes man. Whenever a classmate, teacher, or staff member asks for help, he is always the first to answer the call. Whether he's cleaning  the auditorium without being asked, or helping a classmate understand a problem, he is always there to lend a hand. On top of his wonderful giving nature, Vince is a hardworking and committed student that never fails to come to class each morning with a smile on his face and a positive spirit. Our class would not be the same without him. 


Seventh Grade Student of the Month


Alex is a beacon of light in and out of the classroom. She is always working hard and trying her best! She is very respectful and kind to everyone that she meets. Alex also did an awesome job on her Science Fair project. For that, she has been selected as a representative to represent MDA at the city wide Science Fair! Way to go Alex! Keep up the good work!


Eighth Grade Student of the Month 


Eric is someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand! He is so thoughtful and always willing to help a classmate, or a teacher, who is in need of assistance! He is a great role model to those around him! Eric is really pushing himself in his novel group and enjoys participating. We are so grateful for Eric’s positive energy and humor that he brings to the classroom! 


P.E. Student of the Month 


Elissa is new to MDA, but she has quickly made so many friends. She is always kind to other students, and so respectful to all the teachers. She works really hard in PE, and gives 110% of effort in everything she does in PE. 


Art Student of the Month


Ramón is the Student of the Month for art class.  Ramón is very enthusiastic about Art and steadily contributes to keep the Art Room clean and organized. He offers his help sorting artwork from the drying rack and collecting materials at the end of class.

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